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AUTUMN TERM 2024 - Mike Muncaster is offering a 10-week course on either ‘Britain between the Wars’ or ‘The Golden Age of Spain’
Decision still to be made! Details to follow.

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Course Title: The British Film Industry
Course Description: 125 Years of British Cinema The British film industry represents over a century of creativity and innovation, and is responsible for some of the most memorable movies ever produced – as well as some uniquely British moments. Come and explore the studios, directors, and stars that shaped an artistic and commercial powerhouse to rival that of our friends in Hollywood. No previous knowledge required.
Tutor: Christopher Budd
Venue: ZOOM
Day Of Week: Friday
Start Time: 10:15
Duration: 2.00 hrs
Date: 19/04/24
No. of Weeks: 5
Fee: £40.00

Course Title: The Golden Age of Spain
Course Description: Before 1479 Spain was not a unified country but compromised a number of small independent kingdoms. Over the first half of the sixteenth century Spain became the Superpower of Europe. This was based on her extensive empire, impressive military strength and the unifying effect of Catholicism. This course looks at 120 years of Spanish history and examines her rise to prominence. Consideration is given to the impact on contemporary Europe of Spain’s actions. Three monarchies – Ferdinand and Isabella, Charles V and Philip II were driving forces in Spain’s dominance. After flourishing in this period Spain lost her importance as a European power and declined to become a spectator in European affairs.
Tutor: Mike Muncaster
Venue: St Andrew’s Street Baptist Church, Cambridge, CB1 2A
Day Of Week: Friday
Start Time: 10:30
Duration: 1.50 hrs
Date: 20/09/24
No. of Weeks: 9
Fee: £55.00

Course Title: Perceptions of Venice in Literature
Course Description: Venice has been a source of musical and artistic inspiration almost since its birth; it has excited travellers and writers, politicians, generals, filmmakers and pleasure seekers. It is acknowledged as unique in overcoming its physical limitations and turning them to its advantage; in its crumbling, beautiful hotchpotch of architectural styles; in its 1000 of years of Republican government. Byron called it ‘The greenest island of my imagination’. Mary McCarthy called it “ a wholly materialist city ....the world’s unconscious”. but most often it is described as a theatre, like a stage set - it has shown a masked face to the world. We are going to reveal the masks, and what lies beneath, to discover the many changing faces of Venice - both how it has seen and presented itself and how it has been seen by others through literature, music, art and film.
Tutor: Ros Connelly
Venue: St Andrew’s Street Baptist Church, Cambridge, CB1 2AR
Day Of Week: Friday
Start Time: 10:30
Duration: 1.50 hrs
Date: 17/01/25
No. of Weeks: 10
Fee: £55.00