The Cambridgeshire Alliance of Lifelong Learners ("CALL") organises its own study days and health walks in addition to the courses provided by its affiliated groups.

New CALL Summer Short Course

As it is not possible to run normal dayschools a new short course is being offered in June. One advantage of Zoom is that we can use tutors from further away than normal, to give a course.

CALL  Summer Short Course 2021










A short course on: The Relationship between Science and Christianity – a Historical Review with Paul Ranford.

On Saturdays 12th and 19th June 2021 on ZOOM

This course discusses the extent to which occasionally tense interactions have coloured our general understanding of the relationship between Science and Christianity, and how that relationship can be better understood in terms of mutual cultural development rather than implacable hostility.

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In April 2021 we ran a short course on: The Glory of North London’s Four Historic Railway Termini

In February 2021 we ran a Zoom short course on The Adventurous History of the Hanse with Rosemary Williams

In November 2020 we ran a ZOOM short course on A Work of Art or Nature? – Visual Culture in the Age of Darwin with Kajsa Berg

Our first study day was held on 30th November 2019 at Bluntisham. It was a talk by Fiona Lucraft entitled Leonardo da Vinci: Renaissance Artist and was a sell-out success.

We aim to run at least two day schools a year, so please check back on this page for updates on the courses on offer.

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