The Cambridgeshire Alliance of Lifelong Learners ("CALL") organises its own study days and health walks in addition to the courses provided by its affiliated groups.


Spring morning course

On Saturday 16th March 2024 we will be running a morning Session on Sword, Sceptre and Sainthood
A Journey Through the Royal Collection with Deborah Monteiro on ZOOM.

How does the largest and most outstanding private art collection in the world illustrate the evolution of the monarchy over 500 years into the 20th century? Like any family album, the paintings they collected and commissioned reflect what British rulers have done, what they looked like but also how they wished to be remembered and what they most valued.

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Forthcoming events include:

  • Summer 2024 Study Day – Saturday 18 May 2024:

“Fashion in Film”

A full day’s course with Christopher Budd at Bottisham Community Sports and Social Club.


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In February 2024 we ran a Short Course - The Four Seasons Through Artists’ Eyes with Rachel Holland-Hargreaves.

In November 2023 we ran a short course at Bluntisham Baptist Chapel Hall on The Sun King: Louis XIV, Grandeur, War and Oppression with Anne Stott

In September 2023 we ran a walk 'Hidden Cambridge' with Gerald Smith.

In May 2023 we ran a short course at Gt Stukeley Village Hall on The history and legacy of watermills on the River Great Ouse – from industry to the picturesque with Keith Grimwade and Bridget Flanagan.

In February/ March 2023 we ran a short course on Welcome Relief: a Social History of the Privy with Rosemary Williams.

In January 2023 we ran a half day course on 1888 – A Year of Art and Life with Deborah Monteiro.

In November 2022 we ran a short course on Religious Reformations in Huntingdonshire: Welcome or Tolerated? led by Dr Ken Sneath

In October 2022 we ran an Autumn Gathering which included a talk on Charlotte: The First People’s Princess by Anne Stott

In June 2022 we ran a short course on Great, but Little Known, Gardens with Andrew Sankey

In April 2022 we ran a short course on The Glory of London’s Paddington Station, Victoria and London Bridge, with Mike Grundy

In March 2022 we ran a short course on Stand and Deliver: Highwaymen versus the Georgian Judicial System with Stephen Poulter

In November/December 2021 we ran a short course on Into the Light: Turner as Visionary with Deborah Monteiro

In October 2021 we ran an Autumn Morning Workshop on Climate Change with Professor Mark Maslin

In June 2021 we ran a short course on: The Relationship between Science and Christianity – a Historical Review with Paul Ranford.

In April 2021 we ran a short course on: The Glory of North London’s Four Historic Railway Termini

In February 2021 we ran a Zoom short course on The Adventurous History of the Hanse with Rosemary Williams

In November 2020 we ran a ZOOM short course on A Work of Art or Nature? – Visual Culture in the Age of Darwin with Kajsa Berg

Our first study day was held on 30th November 2019 at Bluntisham. It was a talk by Fiona Lucraft entitled Leonardo da Vinci: Renaissance Artist and was a sell-out success.

We aim to run at least two day schools a year, so please check back on this page for updates on the courses on offer.

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