The Cambridgeshire Alliance of Lifelong Learners ("CALL") organises its own study days and health walks in addition to the courses provided by its affiliated groups.

New April Short Course:

The Glory of London’s Paddington Station, Victoria and London Bridge, with Mike Grundy

This morning course revels in the design, architecture, history and romance of these three iconic railway termini built in the mid-1800s to serve travellers between London and the west and south. We will explore their histories through a wealth of photographs, famous paintings and references from literature.
The course shows how these structures have enriched the skyscape of London for the last 180 years, from their humble early facilities to the monumental feats of architecture and engineering we can see today. Paddington emerged in the 1850s and still serves the needs of the 21st century, thanks to the
prescience of the great Brunel. Victoria took until the early 1900s to reach its current form, while London Bridge had to wait until the 21st century to become a truly integrated station. We will
discuss the great engineers and architects of the Victorian period and beyond who have designed, built and developed these great stations.
We will celebrate the art that adorns these stations, including the statues of those two great heroes of the Great Western Railway, I.K. Brunel and Paddington Bear. We will also study the Fine Art that these stations have inspired, such as Frith’s iconic 1862 painting of ‘The Station’, with Paddington the setting for a scene depicting the chaos of departure in Victorian times.

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Summer Day course:

On 11th June we are pleased to offer our first full face-to-face day school since before the pandemic! It will be held at the Community Sports and Social Club in Bottisham. This venue has a lovely large room, so there is plenty of space for us to enjoy the day without being crowded together. Andrew Sankey will be telling us about Great, but Little Known, Gardens.

Eight Great but Little-known Gardens looks at some wonderful English gardens that are often overlooked when visiting gardens. However, although not often advertised or put forward in magazines, each garden is unique and worth searching out. Many of the gardens have historical significance and have been restored for your enjoyment.

The gardens chosen include an actual Elizabethan garden, a sublime landscape that is awe-inspiring, a fine example of an Arts & Crafts Garden in Birmingham, a cottage cum wildlife garden, and some truly picturesque gardens.

After this study day you’ll be desperate to get out there and visit these gardens for yourself!

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In March 2022 we ran a short course on Stand and Deliver: Highwaymen versus the Georgian Judicial System with Stephen Poulter

In November/December 2021 we ran a short course on Into the Light: Turner as Visionary with Deborah Monteiro

In October 2021 we ran an Autumn Morning Workshop on Climate Change with Professor Mark Maslin

In June 2021 we ran a short course on: The Relationship between Science and Christianity – a Historical Review with Paul Ranford.

In April 2021 we ran a short course on: The Glory of North London’s Four Historic Railway Termini

In February 2021 we ran a Zoom short course on The Adventurous History of the Hanse with Rosemary Williams

In November 2020 we ran a ZOOM short course on A Work of Art or Nature? – Visual Culture in the Age of Darwin with Kajsa Berg

Our first study day was held on 30th November 2019 at Bluntisham. It was a talk by Fiona Lucraft entitled Leonardo da Vinci: Renaissance Artist and was a sell-out success.

We aim to run at least two day schools a year, so please check back on this page for updates on the courses on offer.

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